Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Digital Keys - How It Works

Digital keys access control systems offer all the same functionalities as smartcard access control systems, yet they are more secure and convenient, they involve no supporting network infrastructure, anyone can install them in minutes and they are around one-tenth of the price to buy and install. You use digital keys on your mobile devices. The diagram and description below explains how it works.

  • 1 A secure cloud-based database server stores algorithms that essentially allows for billions of future time-specific codes to be stored for billions of unique locks, ready to be downloaded at anytime. E.g the algorithms allow for a specific code, e.g 593074 to work for August 11 2014 10am – 11am for lock 142, and then another code for August 11 2014 11am – 12pm for lock 142, and so on. Hundreds of different users can receive unique codes for each time frame.
  • 1A. The algorithms are converted to a data file for each specific lock and then transmitted wirelessly via PDA to the lock hard drive before being shipped to customer.
  • 2. A cloud/web-based software account makes requests for the time-specific codes for the specific locks to be downloaded on request.
  • 3. Using App API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) requests are made from the app via the mobile phone network to the web-based software for the codes
  • 4.The requested time-specific code is saved in the app and on the hard drive of the phone. The code is also set up to be transmitted to the lock via NFC. Some systems also enable the code to be displayed and used as a failsafe back-up (in case phone battery dies).
  • 5. Using NFC the time-specific code is sent to a compatible lock/reader
  • 6. The lock/reader contains a clock, the algorithm data file already sent in part 1 a, and a memory. When a code is sent/entered to the lock, the algorithm works in a few milliseconds (its remains powerless until it receives a code) to determine if it is the correct code for the correct time – if it is correct the lock opens and in you go!


Hotel Integration
A Hotels web booking engine, online Computer Reservation System/ Property Management System can be integrated to allow for better data connectivity, smartphone self check-in, and automated property management.

Institution Integration
Can interface to hospitals, schools, Universities existing access control system, and add new elements to be secured such as lockers, medical cabinets, server rooms

Residential integration
Can interface to home alarms or used as standalone keyless system

Office Integration
Can interface with Offices existing access control systems and alarms

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