Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Digital keys - 5 reasons why you, the home dweller, should get digital keys

Whether you are a tenant, landlord or home-owner, digital keys will appeal to you for the following 5 reasons;

1. Digital keys will make your life more convenient

Digital keys mean that you no longer have to fumble around in your bag or pockets for metal keys. To some this might seem like no big deal.

I have a friend who has around 10 keys on his key-ring. He often comes home after dark and he doesn't have a sensor light. I've often found myself waiting a few minutes in the dark for my friend to put two or three keys into his lock, before he finally finds the right key to open it.

The LEAPIN Digital keys device (including strike and tap panel) can work with a screen door and a wooden door at the same time - this means with one tap of your mobile phone, you can open both front doors(screen and wooden door) at once and go straight in.

With a time-sensitive PIN as a back up on your digital keys device(which you can set to a 4 digit PIN that you can remember) you don't even need to take your phone. Perfect for running; taking the dog for a walk; going to the beach for a swim etc.

With two methods of entry your life will be so much more convenient

2. You don't need a locksmith to install a digital keys device.

As the digital keys device is not a lock, and it involves no electricity (mains power) you don't need a locksmith to install it.

In Australia its common for locksmiths to refuse to install digital locks on house doors. The locksmiths often use the excuse that they 'can't guarantee the security of a digital lock', or it involves 'electricity, wiring, central computers, and they are not trained in electronics'.

Perhaps the locksmiths bias towards the old metal key mechanical locks is simply because 'they would be out of a job if they started promoting and installing digital locks and digital keys devices'. That's because its impossible to be locked out with a digital keys device, and you would never have to call a locksmith again in your entire life.

We've designed the digital keys device so that you can install it yourself in minutes. It simply involves replacing the metal strike plate on the inside of a door frame with the digital keys electronic strike, and attaching the digital keys tap panel on the frame of the door. You don't need to change your locks. 

Installation of the digital keys device is easy - no locksmiths required

3. Digital keys means you can send time-sensitive digital keys via SMS and email within seconds to anyone, anywhere with the 'digital keys generator app'.

To the average homeowner sending out digital keys may seem a little unnecessary. Some might say 'I've never had the need to give out my house keys before other than to my immediate family members on one occasion, so why should I suddenly have to be making new keys all the time, and sending them off to people?'. 

We understand this - that's why with digital keys, the key generator app is optional. If you don't think you will need to use the key generator app to make time-sensitive digital keys and email them to people - then you don't have to use it. You decide if you want to register the key generator app. The digital keys device comes with 10 permanent NFC sticker digital keys. You can stick a NFC sticker on the inside of your watch, or the inside of your phone, or the inside of your wallet or handbag, and simply tap these stickers up to the digital keys panel on the frame of your door to open it.

Perhaps the digital keys generator app will appeal more to landlords. Landlords can make digital keys to work only for the duration of their tenants lease, and the app stores the details of how long the digital keys will work, and who has the digital key. Landlords can also revoke the digital keys in seconds if a lease finishes early. 

The digital keys generator app enables you to make time-sensitive digital keys in seconds and email them to anybody, anywhere
Some homeowners may appreciate being able to make limited digital keys with the key generator app for;
  • cleaners 
  • dog walkers
  • contractors doing renovations on their house
  • the cable guy
  • dishwasher repairman, 
  • the plumber, 
  • to friend or extended family member staying from out of town for the weekend, 
  • to the pizza delivery guy when they are in the backyard
  • to an extended family member or friend who has a baby who has arrived at your house whilst you are stuck in traffic, and its a hot day, and you don't want them waiting in the car
  • babysitters
  • and so on and so forth

4. Digital keys are more secure than metal keys

There is an argument 'what is the point of getting a digital keys device/digital lock if someone can simply break a window or kick the door in, and break into your house anyway?'

Sure, just like mechanical locks, a digital keys device/digital lock is not going to stop someone from getting in to your house, if they want to get in bad enough. By installing a digital keys device, however, you can reduce the security risk.

For example I used to live in a sharehouse with all sorts of  hopeless flatmates. It was common for flatmates to slam the door when they left, but not lock it. It was also common for one of my flatmate's forgetting to take key out of lock when he arrived home - especially at night, and especially when he was drunk. This usually wasn't uncovered until the morning the following  day.  

The digital keys device comes in two parts 1. the tap panel and 2. the electric strike

5. Digital keys are a 'cool new gadget' and they are affordable.

For under $200 you can get yourself the latest new gadget, and be one of the first in the world to own a digital keys device. So why do people buy gadgets anyway? 
People buy gadgets for a variety of reasons - it could simply be a personal fascination with the technology, to make your life simpler, or the need to impress others. 
The technology used in digital keys we believe is fascinating. We have attempted to show you in the four points above how it will make your life simpler. We think your friends and family will be impressed by being able to use digital keys on your smartphone to open doors.

For the first time in the 'history of locks and access control' (i.e controlling who gets into a space at what time and where) digital keys offers the following; 
  • access control online - this means it can interface with any existing software e.g Reservations systems, booking engines
  • it doesn't have to involve any keymaster - great for self-service
  • it doesn't have to involve mains power, wi-fi or wiring. 
The possibilities are endless. 

Want to enable someone to book your tennis court in your backyard or your local tennis club? Put a digital keys device on the gate, interface the app with a booking engine and a payment system, and you could have people renting out your tennis court. You don't  have to do anything to manage it, except take money automatically into your bank account.

Want to turn your home into a hotel, and not have to manage it? For under $200 you can get a secure self-managed hotel.

Want to turn your car into a rental car and not have to manage it? - the digital keys software and apps can do it all for you.

Interested in home automation? why not interface your digital keys app to another app to control your air-conditioning and your lights, and your TV. 

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