Monday, 29 April 2013

40 Benefits of Digital Keys

40. You will never have to leave a key under the mat again for someone to let themselves in

39.You can create a digital key for contractors doing renovations to your property for a set time period ie one week or however long they quote you do complete the renovations

38.Give a digital key to your cleaner that only works every Tuesday from 2-4pm (or whatever the times they actually come over  to clean your house).

37. Give a once off digital key to a plumber/hot water replacement worker/dishwasher repairman to come to your house during an emergency to fix whatever is broken whilst you are at work – you won’t need to leave the office to let them in.

36.You won’t need to fumble through a handbag to find your metal keys everytime you come home.

35.When you are having a BBQ/party in your backyard, you can send a unique one off digital key to all the party guests with their invitation, so you can continue to stay in your backyard and cook  your BBQ and enjoy your party, rather than leaving your door open, or having to leave the party to open the door for every new guest. Can do the same with access to a common parking area too.

34.Give a digital key to your friends and family who come to stay at Christmas, only make their digital key work for the week they stay at Christmas.

33. Give a digital key to your kids, set up instant text notifications, so you will receive an automatic text/email every time the kids open the door (great for disobedient teenagers!)

32. Make a digital key for your parents/grandparents, and other extended family, if you have an argument with them you can revoke their keys in seconds, so they won’t walk in and disturb you ever again, or until they “earn” digital key privileges again.

31. Whilst driving home in heavy traffic, and running late, your friends and her two kids under the age of 2 have arrived at your house – it’s a hot day, so pull out your phone in traffic and make them a once off digital key so they can get into your house and turn on the airconditioning and get the kids out of the hot car whilst waiting for you to get home.

30.Rent your spare bedroom out on Airbnb. Never have to worry about giving out your spare set of keys to total strangers. Set the digital key to only work for the duration of their booking, this way you will know that they can’t make a copy and give themselves unauthorized access at a future date.

29. If you are a landlord and renting out your house, set digital keys to work for only the duration of the tenants lease.

28. If the tenants get behind in payments, and you self manage your property, revoke their digital keys in seconds remotely.

27. If you are renting out a sharehouse with many rooms and many tenants for short term periods without official lease documents, then set digital keys to only work for the paid up periods in advance, and easily store who has the digital key and how long it will work for – once again any problems with a tenant, revoke their key in an instant.

26. Rent out your car for anybody to use whilst you are at work – just like zipcar. When you park your car in a city garage anyone can approach your car, make a booking on the app, make a payment, instantly receive the digital key to open your car door, grab the engine keys out of the glovebox, and drive away.

25. Ask the President of your tennis club, your squash club, your gym, your cricket club or any sporting club to secure the sporting facilities with digital keys so that you can easily access storage sheds, and open gates/doors at any time as a member, rather than making arrangements to pick up keys and return them when you are finished.

24. If you work in a hospital ask your supervisor/chief to install digital keys on the medical cabinets so that no-one can give themselves unauthorised access, such as if you lose the keys. With a four-digit passcode on the app, even if you lost your phone, someone could not pick up your phone and open the cabinet door.

23. Give a digital key to your neighbor so they can come over and feed your cat whilst you are on holidays(or water your plants or whatever pet you have!). Set that digital key to only work for the period you are away on holidays. Set up instant text notifications, so that you know when the neighbor comes over to feed your cat or the plants or whatever pet!.

22. Connect your digital keys to a booking engine set up a website and say goodbye to Property Management Company/Real Estate Agency/Vacation Rental property management fees for your rental property.

21. Rent out your tools from a storage shed in your backyard – people book the tool they want online, pay for it online, and then they automatically get a digital key as a one shot to open the door to your storage shed and pick up your tools.

20. If you own a small business give a digital key to everyone who works for you. When they leave revoke their keys in an instant. Use digital keys as a punch in system, so that you get an instant text notification when your employees arrive for work.

19. Set up a large parcel letterbox out the front of your house, and give one off digital keys to the courier company dropping off your parcel you ordered from the internet whilst you are at work – never miss a delivery again.

18. Ask your local Public transport company to install digital keys on bike lockers, so that you can lock your bike up in a secure locker, out of the weather, and know it will be there when you get back off the train.

17. Secure sensitive documents/dangerous chemicals in cabinets with digital keys – you won’t need to worry about lost keys and someone else accessing the cabinets, because only you will know the PIN to the app to open the cabinets.

16.Increase security to your workplace just like a smartcard access control system used in Universities/Colleges/Hospitals  - restrict access, grant temporary time-sensitive access, create new digital keys in seconds by pushing one or two buttons on an app.

15. Fill in the gaps in your existing access control systems – for example have you just built a new server room? Then you will need to get property managers permissions, and maybe even completely re-wire the building. Digital Keys involve no wiring, no wi-fi, no onsite disturbances.

14. Open your door without even taking your phone out of your pocket, if you’re hands are full with shopping bags or whatever.

13. Connect your digital keys to a CCTV system, so that you can check remotely on whoever arrives at your door and presses the doorbell. If you wan’t to let them in instantly – let’s say it’s the cable repair guy, you can make a once-off digital key in a few seconds and SMS it to the cable repair guy who is at the door and he can go straight in.

12. If you are a Real Estate Agent or Property Manager you can throw away the metal key boxes in your office and store every key to every house you have listed for sale or listed for rent, stored on your phone. You can store thousands of  keys to thousands of houses in your phone. If you are looking to buy or rent, this can create convenience too to access a property for an inspection.

11. If you are a manager of student accommodation you will never have to get out of bed ever again at 2am in the morning to let a drunken student in who has lost their keys. A student is not going to lose their phone, if they do, simply reach for your phone next to your bed and send them a new digital key.

10.You never have to carry metal keys in your pocket or handbag again – the old mantra of phone keys wallet can become phone, wallet.

9. Never be locked out of anywhere again – if you lose your phone, you can log in to your web account with anyone elses smartphone, and create a new digital key and have it send to any phone in seconds.

8. Never have to call a locksmith every again when you are locked out.

7. Sleep well at night, and have ultimate piece of mind, knowing that no-one has an unauthorized copy of the metal key to your house, apartment, workplace etc. E.g for tenants in permanent rentals, any of the previous tenants could have a copy of the metal key still, and let themselves in at anytime

6. Open a garage door, a security gate to any parking area with a digital key – perfect for people coming to parking area for a once off e.g to a meeting at your office, or to stay in a hotel – you won’t need to go to the front desk first.

5. In an increased threat level situation turn off all digital keys to everyone in an instant, so nobody can get in and out.

4.No more fumbling in the dark for the right key – by presenting your phone to the doorlock or hardware device, you can open two doors at once e.g screen door and front door.

3. Request access to a keymaster to open any door in the public domain and receive that key within seconds sent to your phone. E.g this could be useful for storage lockers, vending machines, access to halls, function centres, last minute accommodation bookings etc.

2.Store every metal key you have ever had in the one place on your phone for ultimate convenience – store the key to your car, your house, your rental property, your shed, your office, your secure cabinets, your garage etc.

1. Make your home more secure – a robber can easily snap the cylinder in your metal key lock in seconds and break into your house.

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