Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Digital keys - images of the digital keys app and digital keys device

The digital key device is easy to install, it simply installs on the frame of your door.
The digital keys device and digital keys app.
To install the digital keys NFC tap panel on the frame of your door it involves only two screws. To install the digital keys battery powered electric strike on your door, it also only involves two screws - see image below
Screw in the battery powered electric strike in the frame of your door (just take out your old strike plate)

The digital keys app works with any smartphone. 
Digital keys app works with any smartphone.
The digital keys app allows you to make time-sensitive PIN access codes for any future date and time and email/SMS them to anyone in seconds. You can use enter the PIN on the keypad on the door, or save the PIN to your app, and if you have a NFC enabled phone, you simply need to press the digital keys button on your home page to open the door.
Make time sensitive future digital keys and email them to anyone in seconds

Digital keys, unlike other access control systems, don't require any supporting network infrastructure - your keys are in the cloud - a secure encrypted cloud in a secure location.
Digital keys - your keys in the cloud.

Digital keys - its the lock and key reinvented around you.
Digital keys - the lock and key reinvented around you
The digital keys app - coming soon to a online store near you soon.
Digital keys coming soon to online stores near you!

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