Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Digital Keys - the lock and key reinvented around you

Introducing Digital Keys

With the app on your phone, and the tap panel on your door frame,  Digital Keys is the lock and key reinvented around you. Greater security, greater convenience.

Meet the Digital Keys device

Forget about your old keys – just whip out your phone, touch it to the tap panel and Digital Keys does the rest. The reader inside the tap panel checks your credentials, the battery powered electric door strike releases and you enter. No fumbling in the dark, no finding the right key, just tap and enter.

Meet the Digital Keys app

No more keys under doormats, create and SMS/email a key to anyone, anytime. Cancel or extend a key from your phone or computer. And the app is free! 

Installation is easy

You simply replace the metal strike faceplate on your current door with our battery powered electric strike.  You don’t need a locksmith or electrician and you don’t need to change your locks.

Battery operated, tap panel/ keypad

The Digital Keys tap panel comes with 3 lithium batteries that typically last two years (cost to replace batteries $3).  Attach the tap panel to your door frame. The panel is water resistant, and will withstand any weather conditions – comes with one year guarantee.

Any smartphone works

Digital Keys comes with the key generator app, and works on any smartphone.  Create exactly the key you want; Tuesday after 5pm? Easy – Weekends between 3 and 5 Done. Expires at the end of the month? No problem!  Create and send the time-sensitive key in seconds. And there’s always the back-up PIN code if you lose your phone.

No expensive cabling or refits- everything’s right there in the door frame

Digital Keys work just like a mag-stripe or smartcard access control system used in hotels, universities, hospitals and offices, but without the complex infrastructure behind the scenes.  There’s no wiring, no wi-fi, no on-site computers, encoders or control boxes. And best of all it’s a fraction of the price of older access control systems. Great convenience and security, all at a much lower price.

A smarter, safer key from the cloud

Imagine being able to pre-program locks with billions of unique random access codes to cover any future date and time combination.  Now imagine being able to store all those billions of access codes in the cloud, ready to be downloaded on demand. That’s digital keys, and it’s here, now.  

Simply use a calendar-style interface on your phone to download the unique access code you want for any future date and time. When you present that code to the Digital Keys device (via 'NFC tap and enter' or keypad), Digital Keys checks whether that access code is current. If it all lines up, the you can open your door and go in. Simple, smart, secure. 

Digital Keys coming soon!

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