Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Digital Keys - a safer, more convenient lock and key

Encryption is the key
The Digital Keys algorithms are safely encrypted on secure servers. One-Time password type technology, similar to that used by banks for PIN codes, ensures the best possible security.

Remote control your key
If your phone gets lost or stolen, you can remotely disable your account and all keys through your web based account.

A key you can lock
This one might sound a bit strange – but unlike metal keys, digital keys can be password protected. On your phone a 4 digit code prevents unauthorized access.  So it’s just like your ATM card and PIN code. The phone is like the bankcard and the password to access the app is like the PIN code(optional set-up).

A key you can revoke in an instant
Want to revoke someone’s access? Every digital key has an override – simply choose the same date and time, create a new key and the old one is instantly revoked. 

Your key your way
Unlike metal keys, digital keys will only work for the period you choose. No more copying metal keys, no more tracking who has what key, no more worries about anyone gaining access by making their own copies. Ideal for landlords, Airbnb hosts, shared offices etc. .

Better, more manageable security for your property.
You now have control over who accesses your property, where on your property, and when – just like a smartcard access control system used in hotels, universities or offices. Store all the digital keys you make and who you made them for, and for how long in the app.

Create keys on your phone and email/SMS them to anyone
Using the digital keys app on your smartphone you can simply make time-sensitive digital keys. Just select date and time on a calendar, press ‘create’ and send from inside the app in seconds.

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