Saturday, 4 May 2013


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia 6/5/2013 –Gold Coast security tech innovator, LEAPIN will be launching a new Digital Keys Product at the 2013 Intelligent Cities Summit, to be held on the 6th and 7th May at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

LEAPIN will be showcasing its Digital Keys Device, a replacement for the traditional lock and key, at the Gold Coast Innovation Centre stand. Digital keys permits access control via a simple ‘NFC Tap and Enter’ interface, the user simply presenting their smartphone to the tap panel on the door. Time-sensitive ‘keys’ can be created and sent via SMS or email in seconds.

“The growth trend in global access control is towards Digital Keys”, says Steve Dunn, CEO and Co-founder of LEAPIN. “They can perform all the same functionalities as smartcard access control systems, and then some. Digital Keys are more secure and more convenient than their smartcard/swipecard system predecessors, they are simpler to install and operate, they involving no supporting network infrastructure, and they are a little as one-tenth of the price”.

The annual Intelligent Cities Summit is expected to attract hundreds of delegates from across Australia and the greater Asia Pacific region, making it an ideal venue for LEAPIN to demonstrate the range of applications for its Digital Keys Product. “The Summit gives us an opportunity to show the delegates that for the first time ever, access control is not limited to offices and Universities. It can be used anywhere from sporting facilities, to Community Centres, to bike lockers and shared studios/offices.

In the last 6 months, the top four lock manufacturers in Europe and the USA have announced plans to begin rolling out Digital Keys across the globe. LEAPIN is the only company in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region to offer this. LEAPIN has already proved its Digital Keys concept in a resort on the Gold Coast and a Sydney Hotel, receiving an Award for Excellence in Tourism from the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards for these innovative trials.

“Guests were able to self check-in to their accommodation in our trials, without the need for any human interaction or on-site management” said Mr Dunn, “we’re now extending this self check-in concept to other areas. For example, tennis players will be able to use their phone to view available courts in their local area, book them for one or two hours, make a payment, and then automatically receive their time-sensitive digital key on their phone.

About the Intelligent Cities Summit - the Future Cities Institute, together with partners Business Gold Coast and are bringing together local government, industry and academia to explore the importance of developing innovations, capabilities, and enabling intelligent environments in Urban Landscapes. By creating ICT awareness, strengthening human capacities in technology use and securing competitive ICT infrastructure with the city environment, the Institute hopes to foster the development of Intelligent Cities.

About LEAPIN – An award winning company based in the Gold Coast Innovation Centre, LEAPIN is a security and mobile applications company that lets you make your phone your keys and leap in! LEAPIN is a member of the Microsoft Bizspark Program, and a graduate of the ANZ Innovyz Techstars Global Accelerator Program.

For more information about the Intelligent Cities Summit please contact Michaela Clark mobile 0412 110 893 For more information about LEAPIN please visit for a press kit, and contact Steve Dunn CEO/Co-Founder on 0478 102 137

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