Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Digital Keys market size

In past blogs we've discussed the size of a few different markets for Digital Keys, e,g Residential Market. In today's blog, we're going to drill down to as many specific markets as possible where Digital Keys will make people's lives so much better. And we're going to try and do it with the least amount of words possible - let the numbers do the talking.

170,000 - the number of new commercial buildings constructed every year in the USA

73 million - the number of students in the USA - which means 73 million school lockers

124,000 Schools and Universities in the USA - which means 124,000 x number of classrooms, staff rooms, equipment rooms etc

4 million - the approximate number of hotel rooms owned by the top ten global hotel chains

247 million - the number of registered passenger vehicles in the United States

$593 billion - the size of the global accommodation market 

$26 billion - the current size of the sharing economy 

27 million - the number of shipping containers in the world

7.1 million - the number of new housing units built in the USA in four years from 2005-2009

Can you add any statistics or applications not covered in this list?

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