Thursday, 1 August 2013

Makeover day for NFC (and Digital Keys)

Near Field Communications (NFC) has been taking a bit of a hit lately. In case you've never heard of NFC you can read about it here

It’s almost like NFC has become the target of schoolyard bullying –some media outlets have even subjected NFC to name calling, such as ‘Not For Commerce’, and ‘Nobody Fuckin Cares e.g see techcrunch article here  

For many years now, NFC has been trying to become a part of the ‘cool group’. It’s always been hovering around, trying to prove itself worthy of acceptance into the mainstream. Mashable thinks it’s not sexy at all - see here

So perhaps NFC is like the ‘alternative, intelligent, gothic type’ character that nobody quite gets. But you all know the story - one day the alternative gothic character gets a makeover, looks "pretty and cool", and then suddenly everybody starts noticing them. And of course they live happily ever after.

Well I think that NFC has just reached its makeover day.  And here is the makeover – "the NFC ring" - check out their kickstarter campaign here

The NFC ring can carry permanent or even time-sensitive digital keys, and it can be used to replace metal keys, key fobs, and keycards.

To open you car door, your house door, or your office door, all you need to do is place your ring up to the door, and it will unlock. Check the video below.

Who would've thought 10 years ago, that all of your keys, and keycards could be turned into a ring?  How cool is that?

Isn't that something that everyone will now respect? Can the NFC ring with Digital Keys go mainstream now?

Not only can the NFC ring replace keys, it can also replace credit cards, cash and business cards. Watch out for NFC madeover as the NFC ring, as she makes her way to the 'coming out' ceremony 'the prom'.

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