Monday, 17 March 2014

Booking and opening tennis courts with your smartphone in Australia

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A ‘Come and Try Tennis’ pilot program was launched in Melbourne Australia yesterday, which is not so unusual except that the program involves thirty tennis clubs opening their doors to the public for the first time for an entire summer with an innovative booking and access control smartphone app.

Some screenshots of the Play Tennis Victoria app by LEAPIN

If you’re thinking about playing tennis for the first time, or if you haven’t played for a while and you want to get back into it, then now is a good time to sign up to the ‘Play Tennis Victoria App’.

In the app you can indicate your skill level, you can post video’s of you playing winning shots, and you can also post live requests for tennis partners to play against or practice with at anytime.

You will also be able to book local tennis courts, and open the locks to the courts with your smartphone for the duration of your booking.

“We want Victorians to get fit and active”, said Paul Smith Minister Sport and Recreation, “and what better way to get fit and active, and even get social at the same time, by enabling equal free access to tennis courts across Victoria at anytime for all Victorians”.

The thirty tennis clubs participating in the pilot program are shown on a map inside the app. By clicking on the clubs logo, you can see the availability of the tennis courts on a booking calendar, and make bookings for up to two hours at a time per day. You can only book courts one week in advance which stops people booking up the courts everyday for the entire summer.

Select the times you want to play, verify your number, and get your time-sensitive Digital Key immediately texted to you

"Tennis has often been perceived as a private exclusive members club, but now with the Play Tennis Victoria App, those days are in the past”, said Mr Simon Smith President of Tennis Victoria.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a beginner, or a family wanting to take the kids out for a hit of tennis one summery afternoon, then the Play Tennis Victoria app is for you. Some have nicknamed the app, “Tennis dating”, whether this catches on as a new way to meet people remains to be seen.

Australian Tennis great, Lleyton Blewitt, who also attended the launch at Rod Raver Arena in Melbourne yesterday, had praise for the Play Tennis Victoria App, “in my teenage years growing up in Adelaide, I always found it difficult trying to organize a practice partner, and then making the arrangements with the clubs local president to pick up the keys to open the courts. Of course those problems won’t exist anymore with the Play Tennis Victoria app”.

The Play Tennis Victoria app is available now in the Google Play store for Android phones. The cost to download the app is a once only fee of $2.95, which will give you unlimited access to tennis courts for the summer.

The Victorian Government and Tennis Victoria hope the app will be a success for this trial period, and the app will be expanded to cover all tennis clubs across the state by the following summer.

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