Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Introducing the ParcelPond - a Secure Parcel Delivery Container for Your Home with Digital Keys

Over the last couple of blog's we've talked about how digital keys could play an integral part in secure parcel delivery containers for your home. Below are are some sketches of prototypes we're working on.
Introducing the ParcelPond

The ParcelPond lets you securely receive parcels to your home when you are not home. When you get home, you open the door with your own unique digital key. You also give a one-time digital key to the delivery guy on the parcel label.
ParcelPond can also be used on front fences.

This is what ParcelPond looks like in front of your home.

Digital key locks/smartlocks are used on the containers, where one-time passcodes can be generated on an app, and written on labels for delivery people next to your name and address, and the delivery person uses those codes to open locks and doors, and then place your parcel inside the container, and then the code doesn't work anymore, and you receive a text/email to say your parcel has been delivered. Simple.

So which looks better in front of a house? The image above of a fountain housing a delivery container, or the image below of the secure delivery container below which you can buy now? Would you rather have a rubbish bin metal box/filing cabinet out the front of your house, or a fountain?

Is this good design for a home?

And not only can the secure delivery container also improve the aesthetics of your house, but it can also double as a home security system. You can securely place all this equipment below into the delivery container (and all this only costs around $60!)

Why pay a recurring $40-$50 monthly recurring fee and to commit to a three year contract when you can get the same service for $60 once off set up fee. You can set camera's, alarms, door/window sensors to automatically notify you on your phone via wi-fi when you get an intruder triggering the sensors. Then you can call the police - that's all the old fashioned home security systems do anyway - they just notify 'security monitoring company' of an intruder who call the police right?

But this is not a blog about design, or home security systems, its a blog that explores how digital keys can improve our lives, especially if integrated correctly into your home or work, or anywhere really.

Would you rather pay 209 Euro's for the rubbish bin metal box container to put out the front of your home which only accepts small boxes, and which won't allow food or drink to keep, or would you rather pay 209 Euro's for a large container that looks like a fountain pond, which can securely accept large parcels with digital keys, and double as a home security system and improve the value of your house?

Oh and if anyone is wondering what the bluetooth beacon is for at the top of the ParcelPond, well that's there to guide the parcel delivery drones to the container, and to trigger the lock on the lid to open, so the drone can drop your parcel inside, before the door locks again, and the drone flies away!

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