Sunday, 29 June 2014


We’re passionate about smartlocks and digital keys because there has been so many times in our lives where metal keys and keycards have caused us great frustration, great problems, inconveniences and troubles. We also know that we are not the only ones who have had issues with metal keys and keycards. We know smartlocks and digital keys can offer solutions to a wide number of problems in a variety of environments.

Included is a list below of when our founding team have been effected by metal keys and keycards in the past.

As a child – we had troubles accessing our local tennis court to train, because you had to pick up the keys to the courts from a local members house who was often not home.

As a traveler – we had troubles getting into our hotel room as mag-stripe keycards kept failing, and we had to often go back to the reception desk to get the card re-magnetised. Holding the cards next to a mobile phone or keyfob, or lightly scratching them can cause the card to be demagnetised. Also the check-in queues to pick up your keys at hotels was always a time-wasting nuisance. Going back to the reception desk all the time to get our card re-magnetised was always frustrating and time-wasting.

As a manager of community assets in local government – we had troubles in providing and controlling access to a variety of different users such as staff, volunteers, community groups, and public access to council assets such as community centres, swimming centres, sporting clubs, youth centres, art galleries, public toilets, function centres etc. All these facilities had only metal key locks.

As a manager of a Community Hall for a charitable organisation – we had troubles trying to arrange access to the hall and storage areas for all the different hall users and organisations – e.g in a regular week, the hall was accessed by Alcholics Anonymous groups, Community Arts groups, a Soup kitchen for homeless people, mothers/kids play club, Yoga groups, knitting groups etc, etc. Often items would go missing from storage area’s, and keys could not be controlled (groups would copy keys without permission) and we would often have to change the locks on front doors, cupboards, rooms etc, when security was compromised, and distribute keys again to dozens of users, before the cycle would repeat.

As a Youth Worker -  we had troubles with young people in the care of the state, often getting locked out of their state housing, and breaking windows and doors to get in. We had young people accessing cabinets/rooms in houses that contained case notes (confidential material about the client). We often had troubles with handing over keys to properties when shifts finished. For example keys would have to be dropped off at head office (sometimes up to 40 kilometres away from a house) after clients had been dropped off at school, because the kids could not hold the keys all day, and the schools would not hold them. The next shift worker, would have to go 40 kilometres in the opposite direction to pick up the keys, before picking up kids from school, and taking them to their homes.

As a family member/friend – The covenant of the keys - Whenever we visited family or friends out of town to stay for a weekend or short period, there was often an awkward conversation about handing over the house key (was there enough trust?). If there wasn't enough trust, then it always made for an awkward stay in coordinating access to the house at times when our family or friends were there to let us in.

As a human being – the everyday nuisance and worrying about carrying around keys everywhere we went, and making sure doors were always locked, and dealing with the occasional lock-outs.

Smartlocks and Digital Keys would solve all the problems above - perhaps you can think of examples when metal keys or keycards have let you down?

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