Thursday, 17 July 2014

One Piece. Access Control for everyone.

Rather than using metal keys, we believe everyone has a right to feel secure and and in control. That's why we invented the smartstriker - a NFC battery powered door frame electric striker (see video).

The smartstriker enables you keyless entry with your phone, your ring, your bracelet, your sticker, your card, and the smartstriker is hidden in the door frame with no exposed parts.

Simple and Smart

The smartstriker is so easy to install.
Step 1 - remove the two screws on your existing door frame striker plate

Step 2 - Place smartstriker in hole

Step 3 - Screw smartstriker into hole

Generate time-sensitive digital keys with your smartphone

Using our app you can create time-sensitive digital keys in seconds and email them to anyone. You can also send the digital keys to a NFC ring, a NFC bracelet, a NFC sticker, and a NFC card.

We've designed the smartstriker for use anywhere, anytime by anyone. The smartstriker is like a smartlock, but its not a lock. Its a battery powered electric striker for your door frame.

The smartstriker works independently of your wi-fi service. We use NFC and encrypted One Time Password technology which is commonly used in banks for setting temporary credit card numbers.

There is no need for design here. All the parts of the smartstriker sit inside the door frame - there are no exposed parts.

There is no wiring here. The smartstriker runs on 4AA batteries which can last up to two years, and that's it! There is nothing else to install.

Electric strikers are used in millions of offices all around the world. What makes the smartstiker different to the office electric striker is that it is battery powered (office strikers require mains power and wiring). There is no onsite network infrastructure, and you use a simple app to create the keycards (and other door opening methods including smartphones and NFC tokens.

Complete Control

Invite your co-workers, your friends, your employees, your guests, your family to have access for a few hours, a week, or permanently. Revoke their access anytime in an instant from your smartphone.

The smartstriker is "universal" - now you can have office like security and access control anywhere - including your house.

The smartstriker is "discreet" - it sits in the door frame - no exposed parts, electronics, wiring, readers, keypads etc.

Many opening methods - with NFC opening you can choose your key. Use your smartphone to open the door or use your smartphone to send digital keys to NFC tokens.

Compare to smartlocks

Smartlocks have exploded onto the market in the last year or so. Millions have already sold around the world - that's because smartlocks make your life more convenient and more secure. The smartstriker is a smartlock wrapped into a door frame striker.

Some of the problems with smartlocks

Deadbolt attachment smartlocks - the bolt sometimes gets stuck in the door.

Keypad smartlocks - you can forget your code. Someone can look over your shoulder and see you enter your code.

Key cylinder smartlocks - lock cylinder susceptible to bumping, breaking, cracking.

Wi-Fi smartlocks - you always need a reliable wi-fi connection switched on.

Bluetooth smartlocks - you can sometimes open the door from inside, and from up to 100 feet away when you don't want to.

Any smartlock - you are restricted by design - some body corporate demand specific designs, shapes colours.

The smartstriker does not have any of these problems.

If you would like to order a smartstriker please email us at 

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