Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Day in the Life with Digital Keys

What would a day be like if Digital Keys became the norm?

Well it would probably be a bit like this 'future vision' video below which Microsoft made in 2011. But the thing is all the Digital Key products and technology which you see in the video below are available today (pretty much).

Here are some pictures of how your day might go if the Digital Key products and technology available right now became mainstream;

Leave house without any keys (door automatically locks behind you)

Open car door with NFC ring

Open garage door with smartphone Bluetooth LE digital key on your phone - leave house, drive to work.

Open the car park boom gate at your office with digital key on your phone.

Get to your office - open your office door with your NFC ring  

Confirmation text message sent automatically to your boss to say that you have arrived at the office.

Image from Kevo

At lunch time you pay for something from the vending fridge from the lunch room with your phone, and you open the vending fridge to get your food out with a one-time digital key that was just sent to your phone.

In the afternoon you receive a notification that you have received a package that has safely been delivered to your secure parcel delivery container(parcel letterbox) which the mailman opened with his one time digital key that you sent him when you ordered your package online last week.
Images from Locktin and Mr Mailman kickstarter campaign

In the evening you get a cab/Uber Car to the airport to go interstate to a sporting game, you book a hotel in the car last minute to save money. You choose your room, and you get your digital keys automatically sent to you in the app in the cab on the way to the airport. You transfer the hotel digital key to your NFC ring with your phone. All the hotels management systems update in real time, and your data including preferences about food/attractions etc are sent in an email to the hotel staff, who then choose to set your room up with something special (you like strawberry tarts, so that will be waiting for you upon your arrival).

Image from Hilton

You check in to your plane with your phone. At your destination you get into another Uber car to go to the hotel. In the car your mother calls. She has just arrived at your house with a large tray of home made lasagna. You tell her that you have gone on a last minute trip, and you will eat the lasagna when you get home tomorrow, so you unlock your front door with your app so she can go inside and place the lasagna in your fridge.

You arrive at the hotel and you receive a notification to your phone with a map of the hotel (but its also in the app you used to book the hotel). You follow the map to your room which is also using Bluetooth beacons/app radar to guide you to your room. You open hotel door with your NFC ring or with your phone.

Image from Marriott Hotels

Enter your room and you receive digital keys to the conference room, the swimming pool and gym. You also receive notifications to discounts at the spa, and food recommendations based on last stay, and the TV remote opens on the hotel app that you used to get your digital keys.

Image from Apple TV

You book a ticket to the sporting event on your phone and receive your digital key in your ticket to your smartphone. You go to a corporate box without passing one ticketing person, but open a series of gates/doors to get to the box).

And when you get home, guess what you can open your door with a digital key!

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