Monday, 20 October 2014

Images and Video's of Digital Keys products

In the last post we described our Digital Keys products, and software modules we've built. We've built a smartlock, a smartstriiker(a smartlock wrapped into a door frame striker plate), smartphone self check-in for hotels, and web check-in for hotels. Our products also perform everything a mag-stripe and RFID keycard system performs, but without any onsite network infrastructure. In this post we're going to let images and video's do the talking about our products so you can see for yourself what we've built.
'Generate Code button' (Digital Key) inside the Hotel PMS for web check-in. Managers of hotels can use this button to remotely check somebody into a hotel and distribute their digital key in an email.

Auto Self Check-in Module
Here is the automatic email a guest receives after making a booking on the hotel website or at an Online Travel Agency such as Expedia with their digital key and instructions on how to locate their room. The Guest receives this email after the manager hits the button above, or its all automatic after they make an online booking.

Paypal payment module - Sometimes people like to make payments with a Paypal account which is often not connected to an Online Travel Agency or a Hotel website booking engine. So we hooked one in.

Verification/ID upload Module
Some countries require by law that an ID is taken from a guest for check-in - guests can upload their ID in the app or on the hotel booking engine, and go straight to their room and bypass the reception desk. Here is the app ID upload function below.

And here is what the Manager of the Hotel receives - see below - he/she receives a link automatically in an email, and when he/she opens it, it looks like this below. If it all looks good and the names lines up with the credit card details, the Manager can also approve the guest and email them their booking confirmation and digital key, so the guest can go straight to their room.
Here is the room extension function which can be done by the guest by logging into their account, or it can be done only by the manager from logging into their account.

Here is a video of how staff can use simple web based software to check a guest in and get their time-sensitive digital key (which only works for the booking) Handy for remote check-ins and telephone bookings.

Here is a video that shows you how you can use our app to self check-in and bypass the reception desk and go straight to your room and open your room door with your smartphone.

Here is a video that shows you how you can use our app to create NFC keycards/stickers/tokens in the same way you would use a Mag-stripe/RFID keycard system but without any supporting on-site infrastructure.

And here is a video of an interfacing smartstriker we have built that enables you to unlock your door by presenting your smartphone to an electric striker plate.

If you would like to learn more about LEAPIN Digital Keys products email us at

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