Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Smartlocks and Digital Keys - the current state of the industry (told in images)

Lets take a look at the state of the smartlocks and digital keys industry....in images. 

Most cars these days have keyless entry - but what about keyless entry in houses?

Not many houses have keyless entry - why is that?
Is keyless entry for homes too expensive? Has the technology not become available yet for homes? Is keyless entry in  homes insecure? Is there no need for it? Do they want you to buy keyless entry?

That's alot of keyed locks available in hardware stores in Australia. But what about keyless locks - how many keyless locks are their available in hardware stores?

So why don't the lock manufacturers and hardware stores want you to buy keyless locks? Well, that is slowly changing. A number of start-ups and lock manufacturers have recently developed whats called smartlocks as a new form of keyless entry for homes - there is a revolution of the key going on. Lets have a look at some.

Kevo by Kwikset (and Unikey began the revolution of the key two and half years ago after appearing on the US hit TV show Sharktank. According to reports, they are selling 30,000 locks a month in the US.

So lots of new smartlocks have come onto the market recently, or will soon be coming onto the market. And you will soon be seeing smartlocks in hotels all over the world.

Outside of hospitality, where else should we expect to see smartlocks in the next few years?

Universities need good access control provided by smartlocks. They're currently having problems with mag-stripe access control.

New office buildings will soon be fitted out with smartlocks. Smartlocks do everything keycard systems do, but they are around 5-10 times cheaper and so much easier to install.

Locks are just one of many items turning smart and being sold in Smart home kits.

So they're you have it. More and more smartlocks are becoming available everyday now, and more and more smartlocks are being installed everywhere around the world. Watch as this industry really takes off in the next year or two. Perhaps in the next few years, they'll even be 1% of homes on the planet having smartlocks/keyless entry!

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