Thursday, 19 February 2015

An Overview of a Digital Key Access Control Solutions for Offices.


Cloud Operating Software

Smartphone opening

NFC Tokens (cards, stickers, wristband)

Door frame NFC striker plates

Key Technology
- Near Field Communications (NFC)
-One Time Password (OTP)
- Cloud Based algorithms
-Smartphone apps (Host Card Emulation)

Advanced Security
-Encrypted technology commonly used by banks in online banking
-Data managed, monitored and controlled by customer

-Use of web-based software/smartphone apps to create time-sensitive digital keys and email/SMS them to anyone.
-NFC write function built into downloadable app for NFC tokens
Can interface with booking systems for time-controlled common meeting room access

Staff Management and/or end user permissions
Flexible solutions for rentals, vacation properties, offices, community centres
Property Management System interfaces
Online Booking engine/systems interfaces
Wireless online functions
OTP/Cloud based algorithms to download unique code identifier and date/time stamp, and NFC to send identifier to lock/striker to open door.

Striker plates

All electronics hidden inside door frame

3 AA batteries

Up to 2 years battery life

Battery State Information

Remote Management Software
Audit trail
Available in Play store
Lever lock
also available

System Overview

1.Cloud Algorithms
Algorithms in the cloud essentially allow for billions of pre-programmed codes for any future date and time combination.
2.Local Server/web based software
Management can use web-based software to download the selected code for the selected date and time. Can be hosted locally.
3.Mobile operator
End user can interact with the web-based software through the Digital Keys app
4. Digital Keys app
The Digital Keys app has a simple user friendly booking/calendar interface to download the code directly inside the app.
5. NFC on smartphone
Using NFC on smartphones, the unique code is sent to the hardware.
6. Hardware (striker or lock)
The hardware has a memory, real-time clock, and same algorithms in cloud so that it when the code is presented via NFC at the lock, it looks up the time and checks if the corresponding code is correct, and then if it is it unlocks.

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