Friday, 27 March 2015

Where are the Smartlocks for Smarthome kits?

Our company just returned from exhibiting at CeBIT 2015 Germany, the world's biggest IT expo (see our exhibitor stand information here).

During CeBIT we were approached by many international telecommunication companies, many utility companies, and many electronic companies looking for a smartlock solution for their smart home kits.

LEAPIN Digital Keys at CeBIT 2015
For companies that have developed, or are developing smart home kits, there is currently not much choice out there for interfacing smartlocks to what they've built. At the moment its pretty much limited to the Kwikset Kevo smartlock, or the August Smartlock.

Sure there are a few other choices such as Danalock or Lockitron or Goji, but lets just say there has been 'some issues' with these smartlocks - e.g see here. Further, without going into a full critique and analysis of the pro's and con's of Kevo and August, there has also been some, lets say, 'interesting press' circulating about these products too - e.g see CNET review here.

Also this week August announced a fundraising round of $38 million, so there is no shortage of cash there to try and solve some of their 'issues'.

And if you are a smarthome kit maker looking for a smartlock solution, you better be careful about choosing one that relies on wi-fi. For example see here how the Homematic wi-fi smartlock was hacked at a conference around a year ago .

In light of all the above, we set out to see what the top ten telcos have done so far with integrating smartlocks into their smartkits. Here is what we found.

Comcast's smarthome kit XFinity has plenty of sensors but no smartlock.

Deutche Telekoms smarthome kit Qivicon also does not yet have a smartlock. Recently Huawei announced a deal to sell Qivicon too - see here.

Vodafone are not currently offering a smarthome kit, although they did announce their intentions to get into the space around 3 years ago - see here.

Verizon is using Kwikset Kevo in their smarthome kit.

Yale is the smartlock provider for AT&T's smarthome kit called 'This Digital Life'. Telefonica (Spain's biggest telco) is to use AT&T's 'This Digital Life'.

So what's going on? It seems everyone has a smarthome kit these days, but there is just a couple of smartlocks available to go with all these smarthome kits?

We'll we know first hand that smartlocks aren't easy to make. But what we also know is that the homeowner and all the smarthome kit makers want choice when it comes to smartlocks, and that's why we've build a software and hardware development kit for smartlocks. With our smartlock development kit, we've made it easy for anyone to make a smartlock - whether you are a start-up or a big telco. If you would like to learn more about our smartlock development kit, get in touch with us at 

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