Thursday, 2 July 2015

How smartphone self check-in can save you the guest and the hotelier time and money.

This week our company LEAPIN Digital Keys launched our Software Development Kit(SDK) and Application Programming Interface(API) to "makes locks smart". Any developer can now use our SDK/API to add code to any existing electronic lock, and used our cloud based software, so that the lock can be opened with a time-sensitive codes controlled remotely by apps and software, and/or opened with a smartphone using NFC. Or in other words our SDK/API will make any lock do everything that a keycard system does typically used in offices and hotels, but without any onsite supporting network infrastructure such as wiring, or servers, or onsite PC's.

The LEAPIN SDK/API available now.

Our SDK/API also interfaces to any Property Management System, booking engine and Channel Manager (which interfaces with any Online Travel Agency) which means that an accommodation establishment can enable guests to self check-in to their accommodation 24/7 without the need for any human interaction. Many hotels and resorts do not have reception desks open 24 hours, so if a guest has to check-in after hours, the hotel/resort managers have to make complicated arrangements with the guests to pick up keys after hours to get into their rooms. These complicated arrangements may include the use of a night telephone service that the guest has to ring up when on site, and the telephone service tells them a code to open a lockbox/safe on site to get a metal key out of the safe to open their room door. Often these lockboxes/safes do not have changeable codes, so a guest could come back at another time and unlock the box and grab the metal key, and give themselves unauthorized access. These arrangements are not secure, and it costs the hotel manager money to pay the night telephone service, and their time.

Some hotels managers which don't have reception desks open 24 hours a day, have to make arrangements to meet guests on or off site, or through a Real Estate agency, or local shop to give metal keys to guests to open their room doors after hours. Some hotels simply place a metal key in a unlocked letterbox and tell guests in a phone call or email to pick up that envelope after hours and let them in. Whatever the arrangement the hotel with the reception desk only open 9-5, it costs money and time, and its usually insecure and inconvenient.

With the LEAPIN Digital Keys system, a hotel manager can safely close a reception desk at 5pm (or not even need to have any onsite reception desk at all) and know that their guests who have booked and paid for accommodation can get into their room without having to worry about the complicated arrangements to pick up the metal key. In addition, a guest that hasn't already booked and paid for accommodation at the hotel and resort, can simply use their mobile phone to book in exactly the same way they do now when they are onsite, whether it be on their favourite Online Travel Agency booking website such as Expedia, or the hotel website, and immediately receive their time sensitive digital key texted and emailed to their smartphone and then go straight to their room. And the hotel manager can wake up in the morning, and have notification that the guests payment has been processed, and money in their bank account, and the guest is securely in their room.

With the LEAPIN SDK/API it levels the playing field so that hotels that cannot afford to staff reception desks 24/7 can check-in guests 24/7 just like the big chain hotels with the reception desks open 24/7. Lets hope the savings to hoteliers that install our systems can be passed onto you the guests. If you would like to learn more about our SDK/API and how it can help you visit and

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