Thursday, 9 July 2015

Images and Video's of smartphone self check-in for accommodation

To self check-in to your accommodation on your smartphone a hotel will need to install a smartlock with LEAPIN Digital Keys technology.

See image below for how it works for hoteliers -  LEAPIN Smartlocks come online to interface with smartphone apps (which can include an ID verification system- that is you can take a photograph of your ID and upload it to the Hotel Property Management System software(PMS), and you can digitally sign-in on the app). The hotel must also have a cloud-based PMS, which also interfaces to Online Travel Agencies such as Expedia through a channel manager. The PMS must also interface with the hotels website for online bookings, so that everything can update in real time, and data flows throughout the system.

Self check-in can be completely automated allowing the guests 24 hour self check-in on their smartphones without any human interaction, or a hotelier can use our software to generate the time-sensitive digital keys themselves as explained in the videos below;

Sometimes hotels like to control the system themselves so they can select rooms on the morning of the check-in based on extensions from existing customers, and loyalty programs and other factors.

A guest can use the smartphone app from the hotel to book and make a payment and automatically receive their digital key inside the app like in the video below;

Alternatively a guest you can book a hotel in exactly the same way you do now on the hotel website, or your favorite Online Travel Agency such as Expedia or 

This is what happens after your booking (see image below) - you receive a check-in confirmation email with a reference number, and you simply need to enter that reference number into the app available now to download here in the Google Play store, and then you can open the door to your room with your phone. At check-out the digital key no longer works. The email also includes maps, plans and instructions on how to locate your room.

When you get to the hotel, this is what you do below - bypass the reception desk and go straight to your room and open your room door with your smartphone - at checkout the digital key will no longer work.
A hotelier does not need to download any new software to enable the self check-in/use of digital keys if they don't want to. They can simply make the LEAPIN smartphone self check-in work on "full automation", or they can use the LEAPIN API to add a button to their PMS that does the following;
-selects a room for the guest
-generates a code, 
-SMS/Email's the guest
-stores the access code in the PMS
just like in the image below;
Now for a hotel to buy a smartlock off a lock manufacturer, a lock manufacturer must interface LEAPIN technology into their lock with the LEAPIN Software Development Kit(SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API). See some screenshots below of the LEAPIN SDK kit for lock manufacturers;
If you are interested in learning more about smartphone self check-in and digital keys please email us at or  visit for more info.

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