Monday, 26 October 2015

Build your own smartlock in 5 easy steps

How would you like to build your own smartlock? We can provide you with a kit for that! 

Perhaps you have a smarthome hub you want to hook a smartlock up to? Or perhaps you are a lock manufacturer looking to get into the smarthome game? Perhaps you've developed some connected home products and you want to connect a smartlock? Perhaps you want to make your own smartlocks for some of your properties in your own unique design? Perhaps you are a school or University and you want to make your own smart locker locks? Perhaps you have a fleet of cars and you want to provide smartphone access control too? Or perhaps you are just looking for an interesting electronics project? 
With the LEAPIN Digital Keys hardware and software smartlock development kit, you can build your own smartlock for smartphone access control in six easy steps. 
Here is how it works;
Step 1. Choose your own lock
You supply your own electronic lock. If you don't have an electronic lock, there are thousands to choose from at Alibaba here.
Step 2. Remove your locks Printed Circuit Board(PCB) and place your order for our smartlock development kit.
Remove the PCB, but don't throw the it away -  you will need it to give to your electronic engineer to line up pins, holes, and ports. You may also want to keep the existing functions/embedded software on your PCB/lock. If you don't have electronic engineers we can provide you with a list of qualified electronic engineers. Order our smartlock development kit here and we will provide you with PCB designs, schematic diagrams, electronic parts list including NFC and BLE parts and functions (and where to order from), C language embedded software and decrypt algorithms to add to your PCB.
Step 3. Order your new PCB's from your preferred supplier
If you don't have a preferred supplier list we can provide you with one. When the printed boards come back, add your parts, and plug it all in to your lock.
Step 4. We will provide you with access to our software to get the necessary programming logic to add, configure and program your locks so they can decrypt the time-sensitive codes to validate their authenticity. 
Get in touch with us now for a free trial of this software.
Step 5. Use our API to hook up your locks with existing software/apps 
We will provide you with access and instructions on how to use our API so you can plug in your locks to existing software, and apps. We'll even offer you some app templates too if you like.
Step 6. Install your smartlocks on your doors or sell or distribute them.
That's it - enjoy your smartlocks.

Email us at if you would like more info or if you have any questions or if you would like to order our smartlock development kit.

Images of the smartlock development kit below;

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