Thursday, 28 January 2016

Are hotels hesitant to adopt smartphone based locking systems?

Many hotels/resorts have told us that there are three main concerns holding them back from adopting smartphone-based locking systems; 

1.      Costs - perceived costs or costs for existing systems currently available in the marketplace (e.g some smartphone-based locking systems charge ongoing fee’s to use the service. Also many Hotels don’t want to incur the expense of replacing their existing locks, (and they don’t want the disruption to the guests/hotels in replacing all their locks).

2.      Limited hardware options – hotels want locks/hardware that blend in with their buildings and design (or no new locks at all).

3.      New systems/practices – hotels don’t want their staff to learn how to use new software/systems that upset their normal practices.

Our company LEAPIN Digital Keys has developed a number of hardware options with a variety of different lock manufacturers including an option that only involves replacing the striker plate on the door frame (like office access control systems), so the hotel can keep their same locks. 

We also don’t charge any ongoing fee’s for our service, and our smartphone locking system is cheaper to install than any RFID or mag-stripe keycard solutions currently available in the marketplace. 

Finally our systems have been designed so that they can be fully automated without the need for any human interaction (optional if requested), so there is no need for hotel staff to learn any new software.  

By installing smartphone based locking systems hotels can offer;
-Web check-in to their guests, where their guests can check-in at their favorite OTA, and go straight to their rooms and open rooms doors with their time-sensitive digital keys, just like the airlines.

- Smartphone check-in to their guests through a loyalty based app like Hilton and Starwood offerings.

-  Capture data on the guest to offer a more customerized hotel experience - e.g see this article here from leading Security Magazine called AsMag titled "Mobile Guestroom entry offers a highly customerized experience"

- Offer a traditional check-in at the front desk with keycards. You can also offer digital keys on "NFC tokens" such as wristbands, fobs, stickers, rings etc. Wouldn't it be great if you could check-in to a hotel and you were offered a NFC ring like this one which costs less than USD$13, and you could open your room door with this during your stay. You could go swimming, running, or go where-ever, and you wouldn't need to worry about carrying a keycard, metal key, or your phone with you to get back into your room. You could even pay for drinks at the hotel bar with this ring too. And the next time you stay, you could use the hotel app to make a booking and download your digital key to your NFC ring, and enjoy the same experience again. Imagine if you were a hotel and you branded a NFC ring, and you were able to offer a NFC ring to airline staff that regularly stay at your hotel. When a flight attendant on your flight passes you a drink, and you notice they have a ring for X hotel, you could ask, "I like your X hotel ring", and the flight attendant could say, "yes, it holds our digital key for the X hotel we stay at!" Would you be impressed, and want to stay at that hotel too?
And flight attendants could go straight to their rooms everytime rather than standing around waiting forever in the hotel lobby after a long flight. If you were a hotel can you imagine all the new airlines business you could get, if you could offer this service?

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